Yakima, WA 98908

Our History

We’re a husband and wife team with 5 girls to raise! We didn’t grow up with any background in orchard/farm living, but it sure sounded romantic. When we had the chance at buying 10 acres with a little home on it, we jumped on it. It was unfamiliar territory and we told ourselves if it wasn’t for us that we would just sell. Well it worked out and we love it. There’s always something to do, fix, or plant! More importantly, we wanted to teach our kids to work. There’s a lot of ways to accomplish this and this property seemed to fit the bill, with lots of work for all of us. Come visit us at our flower u-picks in the summer, we would love to meet you.

I hope you love wandering our field of flowers.

“I loved picking flowers at your farm this past evening. The flowers, music and surrounding apple orchards is a beautiful place to be”


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